Procedures and Materials

Because we are specialists in pediatric dentistry, we have carefully selected the various items and materials we use for routine dental procedures with your child's needs and comfort-- and the highest quality dentistry-- in mind. We are proud to use the following well-known and well-respected dental brand names.

Common Dental Procedures and Materials at Our Palmer Pediatric Dental Practice

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Radiographs are necessary, standard of care procedures in order to complete a new patient comprehensive and ethical dental examination and periodic check-ups. Our office uses the very latest state-of-the art digital technology to obtain these (via child-friendly portable hand-held NOMAD X-ray units, Gendex digital sensors, Instrumentarium for advanced panoramic imaging, and Dexis digital imaging processing software. These technologies allow for significantly minimal exposure to ionizing energy (next to none). We are also very discriminating in their use,  abide by ADA and AAPD usage guidelines, and protective measures are always followed. When they're done recently at another office, we do our best to obtain a copy so as not to unnecessarily expose your child.

Fluoride varnish is shown to be highly effective in strengthening teeth and significantly reducing the risk of caries (cavities), and is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) as a standard of care for good oral health. Everyone at Dr. K's appreciate differing views or beliefs with regard to exposure to fluoride and respect, honor, and are happy to comply with informed parental decisions for their children's oral health care.

When cavities need to be filled, we use GC America Fuji Glass Ionomer products extensively. They are great restorative materials because they allow for minimal tooth preparation (the less tooth removed, the stronger it is), chemically bond to the tooth (for extra strength), have great bio-compatibility (acts similarly to natural teeth), and release fluoride directly into the tooth (helping make the tooth stronger and more resistant to future caries or re-treatment). They’re also quick to place and require less technique sensitivity (for wiggly kids). For those parents who wish to minimize their kids’ exposure to fluoride, we use fluoride-free ivoclar vivadent resin composites. Both come in various tooth colors and look great.

Sealants are for kids with with deep pits and fissures (which make it hard to effectively brush food out of) on their first adult (6 year) or second (12 year) molars, or are at high risk for cavities, a protective coating that fills in those pits and fissure is recommended. We use GC America Fuji Glass Ionomersealant material extensively for its ability to release fluoride directly into the tooth, helping make it stronger and more resistant to future caries and restoration. For those parents who wish to minimize their kids’ exposure to fluoride, we use fluoride-free Voco GrandiO Seal resin sealant material.

Stainless steel crowns are for those kids with large cavities or extensive caries requiring restoration, stainless steel crowns (SSC’s) are considered the standard of care for their strength, durability, protection, predictability, and relative affordability. We use Hu-Friedy Pedo Crowns. For older kids, we use 3M ESPE Unitek SSC’s for adult molars. These are cemented with GC America Fuji-CEM 2 material because of its fluoride release directly into the tooth, great bio-compatibility, and superior bond strength. For those parents who wish to minimize their kids’ exposure to fluoride, we use fluoride-free ivoclar vivadent SpeedCEM.

Esthetic Anterior Crowns are for those kids with larger cavities on their front kids (primary) teeth, we use NuSmile ZR Zirconia crowns and NuSmile BioCem Universal Bioactive cement for their strength, bio-compatibility, and beautifully natural look.

Space Maintainers are for those kids who need a tooth extraction, we’ll use Denovo Space Maintenance Bands and Accessories, when indicated, to hold the space open in order that the adult tooth can erupt with as little crowding as possible. This procedure is quick and easy and doesn’t require taking impressions or any lab work. It’s all done chair-side quickly, easily, and conveniently during the same appointment. These are cemented with GC America Fuji-CEM 2 material because of its fluoride release directly into the tooth, great bio-compatibility, and superior bond strength. For those parents who wish to minimize their kid's exposure to fluoride, we use fluoride-free ivoclar vivadent SpeedCEM.

For those infants with frenal attachments that prohibit normal movement of the upper lip or tongue making nursing difficult, or for kids with speech problems caused by them, or for some orthodontic (braces) patients, we use a variety of surgical methods to free the attachment(s). When using laser technology is deemed appropriate, we use a Biolase Epic X diode laser for its fast reduction abilities, minimal to no pain, minimal to no bleeding, and quicker healing. 

Usually due to pre-cooperative age or behavior, anxiety, fear, special needs, extensive treatment, or parental request, general  anesthesia is our preferred sedation option for a non-traumatic dental experience (for both patient and parent) and high quality dental care. We've found that when sedation is necessary for a child's dental treatment many parents prefer the safety, convenience, comfort, predictability, hassle-freeness, and affordability of in-office general anesthesia compared to other options. We are proud to team with the excellent services of Dr. Kenley Michaud, Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist. Your child's safety and comfort is his number one job, and our number one priority.

Having a tongue-tie or an upper lip-tie is a common problem (and too often missed or discounted as an issue by healthcare professionals), but one that can cause frustrating issues for both infants and mothers during nursing. Even adolescent patients who don’t have tongue- or lip-ties released at a young age can encounter issues later, such as with speech development. At Dr. K’s Pediatric Dentistry in Palmer, we offer expert frenulum tissue evaluations and treatment (frenotomies) to ensure that babies are able to nurse properly, children do not experience issues with speech, and teenagers trying to close the gap between their upper front teeth. The procedure is really quite safe, simple, painless, quick, and well-tolerated by patients. We work closely with lactation specialists, midwives, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, and speech therapists throughout the Mat-Su Valley.

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